Our Services

Chad Saffolding Ltd offer a comprehensive range of scaffold services from hire and sale, to contract scaffold which can be designed and adapted to your individual requirements.                                              

Chad Scaffolding Ltd specialize in temporary access solutions and saftey access in places where other methods of access are impracticable or just not possible.                                                                           

As a scaffolding contractor we can provide any type of scaffold that you require and help and advise you as to the most practical and cost effective ways of using it.

We provide

Tube & fitting access scaffold

With so many variations of this type of scaffolding it can be adapted to use on most projects, from the most simple domestic scaffolds, to the most complex design scaffolds, please read through our list of possible uses for this type of scaffold.


Independent acceess scaffold

Access towers

Birdcage scaffolds

Edge protection


Temporary roof

Two way shore

Flying shore

Dead shore

Cantilever drop

Tubular drop

Towers and system scaffold

System scaffold is becoming more popular in the UK due to the quick and simple way it is constructed, it has been devolped over a number of years and the systems that are around today make it quicker and safer to install, therefore reduces the cost to the client.

Access towers (aluminium towers)   

Edge protection                              

Temporary staircase

Timber frame construction

Temporary roofs

Safety Netting

Safety nets are designed to provide collective fall protection for work at height operations such as work on roofs and open spaces, they are anchored using supporting ropes to steel work, or where appropriate frame work. Saftey nets can also be used in the form of protective fans to prevent materials from failling. 

Rubbish Chutes

Rubbish chutes are generally used for conveyance of waste construction materials, there is one main type available which consists of a fixed frame at the top section to secure the chute in place, with sections of chute conected together until they reach they intended disposal area, side entry sections can be implemented for more than one disposal place. Rubbish chutes can also be designed for specific projects or for more heavy duty purposes with a fully enclosed area for the disposal of materials made to the size you require and can be adapted to the size of skip you may be using.

We also provide

Debris netting

Monarflex sheeting

Scaffold wrap

We offer scaffold inspection certificate from CISRS advanced  inspection qualified operatives.

We also specilize in out of hours work contracts providing scaffold inside buildings and other areas that are usually closed at the time from reatial areas and shops to banks. We have a professional team that are very experienced in working in these areas.